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Isaac Abramchayev - Chief Physician Assistant

Isaac Abramchayev is a certified Physicians Assistant in New York and New Jersey. He has successfully completed the April 2000 National Physician Assistant Certifying Examination (PANCE). Isaac is licensed to practice medicine in both New York and New Jersey. Isaac currently serves as the chief Physicians Assistant at the Center for Spinal Disorders where his duties range from devising and executing treatment plan for patients to first assisting in OR on all sports/arthroscopic, joint replacement, trauma, major revisions, and spine surgery.

Isaac earned the bachelors degree in Physician Assistant studies from St. John’s University and completed the Physician Assistant program at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center. Currently he is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, as well as, the New York State Society of Physician Assistants. Isaac co wrote an article in the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery.

Click here to download Isaac Abramchayev, RPA-C CV.

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